Bernese Mountain Dogs

About Peacefield

I started my Berner journey back in 1986 with my very special, beloved Gus. He taught me all about this wonderful breed and started me on my way to becoming a Bernese breeder. He was my foundation dog and his presence is still felt here at Peacefield, with his blood flowing in the  fifth generation! Above all, he continues to live on in my heart, and is still, my inspiration. Ten years after I brought Gus home in a ranging blizzard, I bought my Silk (Can. Ch. Peacefield Southwind's Silk) from Jon and Judy Cons, also of Maine. She somehow knew that though I had several other much loved Berners, that special spot in my heart  that had been left vacant with Gus's passing, was still empty and she filled it immediately and dramatically, becoming my next "heart dog".  She also was the  foundation bitch to whom I owe the most, for it is from her that all of my continuing successes have flowed (along with carefully planned contributions from the sires involved of course!) The path she set me on, hit its highest point to date last year, when her grandson Ch Peacefield's Flashback v. Dragon, won the 2005 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America  National Specialty Show, in Gettysburg, Pa. "Flash" was only the 3 rd ever, breeder/owner handled dog to win the Best in Specialty Show (BISS) honors!


Ch. Peacefield's Gustav v. Halidom

In breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs, we undertake to maintain the AKC breed standard as we understand it; to constantly work to improve the health status and longevity of the breed, specifically the dogs we produce in our breeding program. We pledge to find the best possible homes for our dogs, where they will be raised in keeping with our philosophy. We also pledge to remain a source of information, assistance and support to anyone who has one of our dogs, or anyone else who asks and needs our help. We pledge to be honest and open about our dogs, to provide information about their health, temperaments, and other pertinent data, and to incorporate new information concerning the breed as it becomes available.

Peacefield's Mission:
To breed Bernese Mountain Dogs for optimum health and longevity; to provide and arrange secure and happy homes in a responsible and accountable manner, for any animal that we own or cause to be born; and to value the maximum well-being of all animals.


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